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http://devphone.net - uFart - Windows Mobile Fart App

With all the hype about the iFart application for the iPhone, I thought we could use a fart app for Windows Mobile. You can download it at http://devphone.net.

Best Fart App - iFart Changes Everything

IFart is the world's most popular fart sounds app and one of the most publicized apps in history. This video was our original version, but download the latest ...

IFart is Number One App in ITunes Store

Dan rings the bell to celebrate our #1 position in Apple's App Store.

iFart App Review

App Review:iFart


iFart iPhone app review from Tech Box

Terrance Iwamoto and Lianne Unebasami from Tech Box review the iFart iPhone app.

iFart Mobile-#1 Fart Machine for all ages

iFart Mobile ultimate fart app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app sells for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store. CM.

Windows Phone 7 Fart App Roundup and Review

http://www.everythingwm.com Someone had to do it, the complete roundup of every fart app for Windows Phone 7 that is currently available in the Marketplace.

Atomic Fart app for iphone/ipod touch

This is a quick video of the atomic fart app on iphone.

iPhone Fart for Free